Clever Ways to Use AI in Your Job Search

The job market is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. Those who have scoured the internet and newspapers for job applications know the frustration behind landing the perfect position all too well. Finding a job that aligns with your interests takes time, dedication, focus, and a helping hand. While traditional resources are undeniably helpful, another new tool that can be instrumental in your job search is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

By now, most people will be aware of what AI is. Essentially, it’s a type of computer science that has taken several industries by storm. It enables machines to think and act like humans, including handling tasks such as self-driving vehicles and facial recognition.

However, AI is not only limited to robots; you can also put it to good use when looking for a job. In fact, according to a recent survey, almost 25% of people are now using AI in their current positions. Of those surveyed, 33% are contemplating using AI, while 17% have already used it to optimize their job applications and resumes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that AI has dramatically altered the way recruitment happens. Given that hiring new employees is an expensive undertaking for companies, it makes sense to utilize AI to find suitable candidates.

AI can streamline the job-hunting process and make it less time-consuming. Candidates can utilize AI job-seeking tools to search for positions that align with their skill set. AI can also conduct candidate outreach more efficiently so companies can find the most suitable candidates.

Using AI in your job can sometimes present your work as robotic without personalization and creativity. To combat this, we take you through some clever ways that you can use AI to turbocharge your job search.

Improve Your Cover Letter

Tailoring your cover letter for each position is labor-intensive. Besides, a strong resume should be short and compelling; AI can guide you through this process. A well-written cover letter can enhance your candidacy, and generative AI tools like ChatGPT can help achieve it.

You can also use an AI cover letter generator such as, where you just have to enter your information, preferred writing style, and a link to your LinkedIn profile. The tool will do the needful. But this is where you also need to focus on personalizing it. You could include something you like about the company and a closing statement recapping what you can bring to the table. Remember to keep your self-expression and identity even when using AI for content creation.

Make Your Contact Information Public

When you have your information set to private online, you could miss out on a lot of job opportunities. Ensuring your contact information is public will make it easier for AI software and recruiters to contact you. The details don’t have to be too private – you can create an email address specifically for a job search and set up a Google Voice number to be forwarded to your mobile phone so you can take messages while still maintaining privacy.

Practice Interviews

The best and only way to prepare for a job interview is to practice answering questions. But what questions specifically? You can use AI tools to prepare yourself for a confident interview. You can ask ChatGPT to simulate a mock interview of asked behavioral questions, and the tool will also provide feedback on your answers. There are several other tools as well, like an interview practice tool called Interview Warmup, where you will be asked questions, and your responses will be transcribed in real-time. Moreover, AI will also offer insights into your answers, so you can identify how to better them.

Write Compelling Emails

We all know the endless emails that accompany job hunting; from introducing yourself to potential recruiters to following up and sending thank you emails after interviews, typing emails can be tedious and tiring.

AI tools are incredibly helpful because understanding what to write and what to omit can be overwhelming, particularly for those unfamiliar with drafting professional emails. However, remember that ChatGPT replies can lack personality and appear relatively flat, so recheck your email and add a bit of your personal touch before sending it out.

AI-Powered Job-Matching Tools

Hunting for a job can seem like a full-time job, what with all the endless scrolling. Thankfully, AI job-matching tools can assist in finding suitable open positions that match your experience, skills, preferred company culture, and salary expectations.

In addition to saving your time, it also helps remove bias which often happens when human recruiters filter through candidates. AI helps avoid this and paves the way for equal opportunities for job seekers. Moreover, it allows you to find the perfect match. This way, you won’t be midway through an interview before realizing you’re underqualified or overqualified for the job!

Write Like a Human

When you use Artificial Intelligence, the line between humans and robots tends to blur, making it all the more important to maintain your humanness. Ensure that your materials are grammatically correct and easily readable. Steer clear from loading your resume with keywords just to make it past the algorithms. You may make it past the bots, but it’s humans that will ultimately review your CV. Potential employers won’t be too impressed if it’s not eligible and efficient.

Maintain A Strong Online Presence

Almost everyone has an online presence these days, and if you don’t, it could be a huge disadvantage, particularly in the job industry. Make sure that you have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Having a personal website will be a great advantage too.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, AI is a powerful tool that can help leverage your job search. But it’s imperative to remember that it’s meant to help job searchers and not be used as a replacement for the hard work that goes into finding a job. Many people make the mistake of using AI to create false narratives and exaggerate strengths. But it all boils down to this: even if your resume is worded impeccably, it could be grounds for termination if you falsify any aspect. This is why it’s essential to understand that the best way to use AI in job hunting is to enhance the truth. It should be used to provide guidance and insights on how you can effectively write your cover letter. When you rely too heavily on AI, you may lose the one thing that makes you stand apart – your personality. But when used well, it can assist you in landing your dream job!