Call Your Auto Insurance Agent After Your Honeymoon

Your auto insurance agent probably isn’t the first person you want to call after getting married, but they should be high on your list of people to contact once you return from your honeymoon. Not only may have to add your spouse’s name to your policy, but you might also qualify for a discount on auto insurance after tying the knot. Many auto insurance companies offer married couples lower rates than individuals pay, and there’s some statistical basis for this practice.

Lower Rates for Married Couples

No one knows precisely why, but married couples tend to be in fewer accidents–and therefore file fewer claims–than their single counterparts. Perhaps settling down and having children makes a person a more cautious driver, or maybe married couples tend to live in neighborhoods with less traffic. Whatever the reason, insurers are willing to extend lower rates to married couples because they’re less likely to cost insurers money.

Check Your Savings

The amount you may save will depend on many factors, such as your state, insurance company and personal risk factors (e.g., age, gender and driving record). To see how much you might save, contact your insurance agent and ask them to get new auto insurance quotes for you. You won’t be able to fund your retirement with only your savings, but you may be able to shed a few dollars off of your monthly premiums.

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