Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Are Secretly Selling This Gorgeous Townhouse

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are two of Hollywood’s most famous people – and of course, together, make the ultimate power couple. The lovebirds live in New York City and are the owners gorgeous mansion set in one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods, but things may be changing pretty soon.

According to several news outlets, their townhouse has been listed for sale via a pocket, also known as ‘whisper listing’. With a price tag of $22 million, which is what the star couple is asking for, we’re sure this is one impressive home.

What do you think? Is it worth the dough? Take a look below and decide for yourself!

Dining room chairs and table designed by German architect Max Eicke, featured on Architect Digest online

Private Listing

A look inside the elegant townhouse

Located on Charles Street of the West Village, one of the most elite and expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan, it’s probably no surprise that the house costs so much.

Originally built in 1846, the townhouse’s previous owners were also A-listers who had bought it in 2000. However, they got a much better deal at just $2.99 million! But we’re sure the price has gone up due to inflation, added amenities, and of course, it’s star value.

The exact details of the townhouse are not available publicly due to it being a private listing, but if you want a glimpse of the house, you just have to look for Sarah Jessica Parker’s ’73 Questions’ video with Vogue Magazine for their YouTube channel.

The actress that played New York’s very own Carrie Bradshaw was notably the first celebrity to be interviewed for this series, which has now become wildly popular. The unique premise of the 73 questions videos, which starts by the celebrity greeting the interviewer at the door and taking them through their house as they answer questions, allows fans a sort of house tour.

The house is elegantly decorated, including a few bold colors that keep it looking interesting and unique. This includes floor-to-ceiling double-paneled mahogany windows, 12-foot high ceilings, a modern kitchen overlooking the garden, seven working fireplaces, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, skylights on the top floor, and so much more. We also get a look into the unique tastes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick through pieces of décor like a ping-pong table and a tiny piano in the dining room. The house is said to have 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

The Sex and the City Star during her 2014 Vogue interview in the townhouse in question.

Moving On (and Out) to Better Living

While most of us would think a $22 million home is the pinnacle of luxury living, it’s just chump change for some of Hollywood’s elite. SJP and husband Matthew Broderick are said to be selling their property because work on their new place just nearby is finally coming to an end.

This would be a remodel of two adjoining townhouses that the actor and actress invested some $35 million in 2016. They have since converted the two separate houses into a single abode sprawling a massive 13,900 square feet. Their new residence is said to have a total of 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, as well as a fully landscaped garden surrounding an area of 2,100 square feet. The structure of the new house was originally from 1900 and had been previously owned by a non-profit organization.

A look into the new property which occupies two different addresses.

Other Real Estate

The townhouse has just gone on the market so the A-list couple has yet to find a buyer. But even when this property leaves their hands, the husband and wife duo have plenty of other hot New York real estate to their names.

Sarah Jessica Parker owns an apartment located on West 12th Street, which is reportedly her “work apartment”. The couple is also the owner of three homes in the Hamptons as well. And this is just what is publicly known so they probably own more properties that we do not know about!